Is this an exclusive agreement?

Absolutely not. This is a non-exclusive agreement. 👍

Please note: If you have previously signed an exclusive agreement with any media companies/websites, we are unable to share the content on our pages.


Are you going to license my content on my behalf?

Nope. This agreement simply allows us to share your great content across our social pages. 💪


Do I remain the owner of the submitted content?

Yes. You will remain the copyright owner of your content. 🙂


Where will my content be posted?

If selected, your content may appear across any of our pages on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Threads, and X. 🚀


Will I be credited?

Of course! Make sure to fill out how you'd like to be credited on the submission form. 😁


Why do I need to complete the submission form?

This is so there is a record of your agreement to allow us to use and share your content, for clarity for both you and us. 🤝